Emerald yards 2900

Rates ease at Emerald sale


Quality was down and averages eased across the board at this week's Emerald cattle sale.


With a large increase in numbers from last week’s sale just under 2900 cattle were yarded at Emerald on April 20. Lesser quality lines were evident in most categories resulting in the average being slightly easier on last week’s rates.

Heavy bullocks over 550kg were too few to reliably quote, while steers 500-550kg made to 328c to average 281c, steers 400-500kg made to 339c to average 302c, with steers 350-400kg making to 343c to average 325c, 280-350kg steers reached 385c to average 340c, while steers in the weaner weight ranges made to 386c to average 348c.

Heavy heifers over 400kg made to 306c to average 276c, while heifers 350-400kg reached 330c to average 293c, heifers 280-350kg made to 339c to average 281c, while heifers in the weaner weight ranges made to 347c to average 307c.

Heavy cows over 520kg made to 241c to average 235c, with cows 450-520kg reaching 238c to average 230c. No cows and calves were present.  

Sale Highlights: Dean Eyles Capella sold Brangus cross steers to 333c to weigh 455kg or $1516, Tom and Betty Christmas, Glenrobin, Jericho sold Droughtmaster cross steers reaching to 370c to weigh 291kg or $1078, the Leane family, Brookong, Capella sold Brahman cross steers to 350c to weigh 260kg or $912.

Jono and Carmel Tibbles, Westlyn, Springsure sold Santa cross heifers making to 320c to weigh 364kg or $1165, Alan and Clare Kirby, Wonga, Springsure consigned Santa cross heifers reaching 271c to weigh 580kg or $1573.

Ben and Hayley Hutton, Waratah, Clermont sold Droughtmaster cross heifers to 341c to weigh 196kg or $671, the Goodwin family, Malthoid, Capella offered Droughtmaster heifers to 306c to weigh 406kg or $1243.

The Mclucas family, Roper Valley, Middlemount sold Droughtmaster cross cows to 232c to weigh 583kg or $1355, the Ward family, Namgooyah, Dingo offered Charolais cross cows to 241c to weigh 606kg or $1463.

The Esmond family, Lucknow, Emerald sold Euro cross cows to 236c to weigh 579kg or $1367.


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