Tropical Invitational Senepol tops at $6000

Joint top price of $6000 in Emerald


Col Godfrey, Namoona Trig Senepols, sold both top-priced bulls in Emerald today.


THE Tropical Invitational Senepol sale was held in Emerald on Tuesday, and grossed $132,000 after 35 bulls sold for an average of $3771 and a clearance of 51 pc. 

TOP PRICE: Jeff and Sue Trott, vendor Col Godfrey, and Kathy and Andrew Hawkins.

TOP PRICE: Jeff and Sue Trott, vendor Col Godfrey, and Kathy and Andrew Hawkins.

Six vendors sold in the sale, but it was Casino’s Col and Jangle Godfrey, Namoona Trig Senepols, who sold both of the equal-top priced bulls, which sold for $6000 each.

Namoona Kurt Gidley sold to Andrew and Kathy Hawkins, Mowbray, Springsure, who bought the 866kg powerhouse to add new genetics into their predominantly-Droughtmaster herd.

Similarly, Namoona Ken Nagas sold to Jeff and Sue Trott, Thooruna, Mundubbera, who bought the bull to add to their Droughtmaster herd. 

Both the Hawkins and the Trott families had never bought Senepols before.

Ms Hawkins said last year they bought Angus bulls to experiment with. 

“Different friends have had Senepols and they said they’re good, they’re pretty fertile and they’re supposed to grow pretty well,” she said. 

Mr Trott said while he only came to buy one bull, he left with four because of the low prices. 

“We inherited a Brahman herd, added Droughtmasters and now this is the first time we are going to Senepols,” he said. 

The Trotts finish exclusively to sell directly to meatworks, and said they hoped the Senepols crossed with the Droughtmasters would produce an earlier-finishing beast. 

Namoona principal Col Godfrey said the sale was “a bit disappointing”. 

Mr Godfrey said while he was expecting more for his bull, he was happy with the $6000 price on the two lots when considering it against the overall results of the sale.  

”We are building a bit of meat and muscle on our cattle, and a reasonable amount of size,” Mr Godfrey said of what made his cattle stand out. 


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