JS Grazing smashes records

Shaw weaners crack top dollar at Roma

Proud moment: Julie and Jeremy Shaw, JS Grazing, Injune, are celebrating record breaking prices for their EU Angus weaners after today's Roma store sale.

Proud moment: Julie and Jeremy Shaw, JS Grazing, Injune, are celebrating record breaking prices for their EU Angus weaners after today's Roma store sale.


In an emotional day wrought with achievements, the Shaw family, JS Grazing, Injune, sold 21 decks of EU Angus weaners to record breaking prices at Roma today.


Angus buyers from across the nation were treated to what have been described as some of the finest British bred weaners in Australia at today’s Roma store sale.

Jeremy and Julie Shaw, Double J, Injune, together with Jeremy’s parents Jeff and Jenny, Moscow Downs, Injune, sold 21 decks of mixed sex EU Angus weaners this morning with record breaking results.

The 468 JS Grazing steers averaged 400c/kg for 296kg to return $1185/hd. The 282 head heifer portion averaged 389c/kg for 270kg returning $1053/hd. 

This year the Shaws went down a different track and yard weaned the cattle before letting them into the paddock for three weeks prior to the sale, as opposed to their normal regime of selling the weaners straight from the cow herd.

Jeremy Shaw said the weaners were also feedlot bunk trained to meet buyer demand.

“We’ve never had kickbacks from selling them straight off their mothers, but anybody that ever rang about the cattle always asked if they were weaned,” he said.

“They still turned up to the sale and competed on them but we figured pre-weaning is gaining ground down south and it’s only a matter of time before it’s highly sought after here.

“We want to hit the ground running and be proactive rather than reactive.”

Mr Shaw said the process simplified the days leading up to the sale as mustering was reduced to two paddocks.

The Shaws had also enjoyed a profitable season and Mr Shaw said he believed it was possible to put weight on the weaners prior to sale.

“It’s a learning curve for us. They weaned well and took straight to the hay in the bunks and went into paddocks with good green shoots so they had a dream run,” he said.

The Shaw family also reaped the rewards of the live online platform with about 15 registered buyers active throughout the JS Grazing sale.

Mr Shaw said the live online bidding option suited repeat buyers with previous experience with the cattle- many of who were present either on the ground or online.

Watkins and Co livestock agent Brad Neven said the JS Grazing weaner sale represented the highest average for a line of weaner steers ever sold at Roma.

“The quality of the cattle alone was enough to warrant these prices,” he said.

“When you’ve got buyers flying up from South Australia you understand there is a definite shortage of cattle but not only that, the cattle are known performers.”

Ross Thompson, Millah Murrah Angus, Duramana, NSW, along with a contingent of southern commercial breeders echoed these sentiments and said the cattle were “as good as you’d travel the country to see.”

“What thrilling times for the industry, JS Grazing deserve every last penny,” Mr Thompson said.


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