Weaner weight steers reach 361c at Emerald

Weaner weight steers reach 361c at Emerald


An outstanding lineup of weaner and feeder cattle was on offer at the annual Emerald Show Special Sale.


​With an outstanding lineup of weaner and feeder cattle on offer at the annual Emerald Show Special Sale, just under 3600 cattle were on offer.

There was a larger than normal buyer panel present that resulted in strong competition throughout the sale.

Cattle were sourced from local and near local areas, with prices for light weight weaner cattle making it into the 360 cent range. Steers 400-500kg made to 309c/kg to average 302 cents, while steers 320-400kg made to 332c/kg and averaged 296 cents, weaner weight steers reached 361c/kg to average 327 cents.

Heifers over 400kg made to 300c/kg to average 289 cents, heifers 300-400kg made to 295c/kg to average 279 cents, while heifers in the weaner weight ranges made to 308c/kg to average 280 cents.

Sale Highlights: Darryl and Gale Mosley, Kingower, Emerald, exhibited the Champion Pen of Feeder Steers and the Champion Pen of the Show, a pen of Brangus Steers reaching 308c/kg to weigh 468kg and returned $1443.

Lake Elphinstone Partnership, Lake Elphinstone, Nebo, consigned a line of Charolais cross heifers with a pen of 416kg heifers being rewarded the Champion Feeder Heifers that made to 300c/kg and returned $1250.

David and Julene Brimblecombe, Dalkeith, Capella, sold Droughtmaster steers to 325c/kg to weigh 325kg or $1058, Adam Griffin Emerald sold Droughtmaster steers to 356c/kg to weigh 188kg and returned $669.

Trevor and Alison Hamblin, Doris Park, Emerald, sold Droughtmaster steers making to 345c/kg and weighed 279kg or $965, Colin and Trina Hoy, Green Valley, Bogantungan, sold Brangus steers reaching 309c/kg to weigh 352kg & $1091.

Jane Neilson and family, Shandon Park, Anakie, sold Euro cross steers to 361c/kg and weighed 276kg to return $999, Ben and Hayley Hutton, Waratah, Clermont, consigned Droughtmaster steers to 346c/kg to weigh 216kg or $750.

Mark and Donna Kemp, Yungaba, Capella, offered Charolais steers reaching 350c/kg to weigh 235kg and returned $822, Greg and Alicia Magee, St Omer, Capella, sold Angus cross steers making to 300c/kg to weigh 438kg to return $1315.

Charles and Carmel McKinlay, Stewart Park, Comet, offered Brahman steers making to 276c/kg to weigh 386kg and returned at $1068, Barry Samms and family, Wee Oak, Capella, sold a draft of Santa Cross steers that made to 335c/kg to average 222kg or $745.

Ross Ford and family, Forest Home, Capella, consigned Simmental cross steers to 353c/kg to weigh 211kg or $746, The Donaldson family, Neelia, Capella, consigned a draft of Droughtmaster heifers the best to 275c/kg to weigh 340kg or $937. 


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