Prices ease at Tenterfield

Prices ease at Tenterfield


Steers and bullocks met a cheaper market at Tenterfield sale on Monday.


Numbers increased this week at Tenterfield, with 388 head of mixed quality cattle yarded.  A smaller yarding of steers met a cheaper market selling to 275.2, while the bullock portion followed a similar trend reaching a top of 237.2 cents.

The cow section saw heavy cows sell to a top of 201.2 cents, medium weights reached 200 cents, while light cows sold to 195.2 cents. An insufficient number of heifers were yarded this week to provide an accurate quote.  

Improved restocker competition saw the trade section meet a stronger market across the yarding of steers, with quality Angus steers returning to the paddock for 346.2 cents. The heifer portion to the kill met a cheaper market selling to 275.2 cents.

A smaller yarding of bulls sold to 215c.

Light steers sold to 337.2c, av. 316.3c, light heifers sold to 273.2c, av. 255.1c, steers 200 to 280kg made 346.2c av. 309.1c, steers  280kg plus sold to 311.2c, av. 281.8c.

Heifers 200 to 280kg made 275.2c av. 267.4c, heifers 280kg plus sold to 269.2c,  av. 262.9c.

Steers up to 400kg made 260.0c, av. 243.3c, steers 400-500kg made 173.2c, av. 173.2c. Steers 500kg plus sold to 275.2c, av. 236.7c.

Light cows made 195.2c,  av. 164.0c, medium cows reached 200.0c, av. 180.0c, heavy cows made 201.2c, av. 185.6c. Bulls 600kg+ made 215c, av. 204.4c, bullocks 540kg+ sold to 237.2c,  av. 233.5c.                                                                                                   


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