Pepperton White Suffolk & Poll Dorset Online Auction
Stud stock
Roger Trewick
 0428 326 190

Pepperton Poll Dorset & White Suffolk stud will hold their annual auction Online in 2020 on the same date of 21 October 2020, but through the Elite Livestock Auctions platform and Michael Glasser GTSM auctioneering, instead of a physical sale .

Inspection by appointment in the week previous to the auction.

Pepperton continues to adopt best practice with their ram breeding enterprise this year broadening their DNA testing to 300 of the 2017 drop Poll Dorset lambs (250 rams and 50 ewes). These animals were blood carded to test for Lamb Eating Quality (LEQ), Lean Meat Yield (LMY) and IntraMuscular Fat (IMF) whilst also verifying Pedigree.

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