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Eastern Plains Angus
Andrew White

Annual On Property Bull Sale

Eastern Plains Angus comprises a stud Angus herd of approximately 220 females, all fully performance recorded & registered with Angus Australia since its’ inception. Our stud Angus herd is entirely self-replacing.
Our breeding program at Eastern Plains Angus aims to produce stud Angus bulls with a balance of growth, fertility & meat quality traits. We deliberately breed for moderation in traits rather than extremes in just the one trait or one set of traits. We continue our commitment to this breeding discipline.
Structural soundness is a must & we continually assess both bulls & females, culling those animals deemed inadequate from our breeding herd.
In an environment dominated by long winters with severe frosts, our female Angus herd has been continuously selected for fertility, low maintenance & hardiness. We do not supplement stud females nor graze them on crop. They graze improved pastures, year round, alongside their commercial contemporaries. These tried & proven maternal lines form the foundation of our stud breeding program.
Year in, year out, we routinely test the performance of our stud genetics in our own commercial Angus herd.

Bull selection can be the single, most powerful tool for genetic improvement in your herd. Since they will supply half of the genetics to all the calves they sire, the genetic influence of the bulls you introduce is far reaching, across generations & will impact on your profitability for many years to come. So it is important you have objective information about his fertility, health status, structure/conformation, pedigree & genetic merit (not just opinion whether ours or others!). This is the premise behind our bull testing regime; to provide objective information for buyers. We are one of only a few Angus seedstock producers to put their draft of sale bulls through such an extensive testing regime. Notably, we are one of even fewer Angus seedstock producers who publish these results in our Bull Sale Catalogue.

Auctions calendar