Is that all? Even $100k fine would be a slap on the wrist.
30/03/15 10:47 PM
Yeah Righto, this is nowhere near a satisfactory result. Regulation and red tape has increased not decreased. We now cop charges for sheep NVDs, registration of PIC numbers, levies on water, all to fund bureaucracies set up by the Federal Government under mostly COAG agreements. Give us a break!
30/03/15 10:04 PM
This is NOT a transparent deal. It's NOT a "Free Trade Agreement" as it's dressed up to be. This is big business and their bureaucrat friends expecting governments to sign of on deals NOT SCRUTINISED by parliament.
30/03/15 12:55 AM
Something needs to be done to improve the sugar industries job creation potential. Currently the sugar industry is doing little to create jobs for younger generations, I live in Proserpine, Queensland and our town is struggling.. and why is that? Because the sugar industry is too as it is our main industry. It has been struggling for decades and needs major reform to make it into a job creating powerhouse to life towns like Proserpine out of recession.
28/03/15 02:23 AM
The corporate sector will be waiting to strike when Sunrice is restructured and fully listed-the beginning of the end for the co operative.
26/03/15 08:26 PM


Hmmm, what percentage of current wheat growers could swap to organic without flooding the market and eliminating the premium?
30/03/15 09:47 AM
This issue is not about ignorance of science, its about understanding the risks associated with science and exercising sovereignty. Where are the Australian multigenerational studies into GMOs we grow and eat (import), investigating chronic illnesses undertaken by people with medical training and not - biotech comp, plant and animal scientists or universities/research facilities who partnership with corporations, Prof Chubb. How about the secrecy, why no mainstream reporting on the CSIRO Fieldpea? why when we were told it would be destroyed has it turned up? why has salt gene gone to china?
The International Agency for Research into Cancer has tarnished its reputation and is causing unnecessary angst and waste of resources by ruling that the world’s most popular herbicide, glyphosate, is "probably carcinogenic in humans". It defies reason that this small chemical consisting of phosphorus, nitrogen and carbon groups frequently found combined in living cells in similar forms should be carcinogenic. Glyphosate has neither cancer-active moieties nor structural mechanisms needed to form tumours. With no evidence of carcinogencity for humans, IARC should withdraw its biased ruling.
So I suppose this means that Australian growers who once marketed their own wheat crop with great success, should now clap their hands with glee that the foreign merchants are positioning themselves for an even stronger hold in the market place.
Third world rhetoric.
24/03/15 10:21 PM
Any chance of Australia being a consistent supplier of quality product disappeared when Rudd Labor and the Liberals under Nelson (and laughed while they did so) abolished the iconic single desk.
Where were the so called experts then?
23/03/15 08:59 PM


Good on these fellow Little Aussie Battlers for standing their ground.
When a borrower is obliged to sign a Loan Agreement with the Australian Banks, it is quite incredible the power that he/she signs away and consequently, when it comes to the crunch, the borrower finds himself/herself in a difficult position legally, even if they are getting a raw deal.
The tax system is not farmers problems. The problem is making enough to pay tax
29/03/15 10:14 PM
Really? Utter bollocks!
28/03/15 07:36 AM
Biosecurity in QLD s a joke at the moment With CSG CO's having there own Weed Washown Certificates going from property to property.Weed Certs need to be tightened up significantly One CSG Co does a 1 day course then given Weed Cert inspection book & you are qualified.The spread of Parthenium ,African Lovegrass ,Stramonium , is rampant. The Qld Govt needs to legislate on this immediately to bring strict requirements for this biosecurity shortfall to bring CSG Co's to heel.
27/03/15 12:42 PM
It's a Black day when rural communities vote Green or Red on a single issue and, as a result, end up with Green and Red policies on every issue. Probably a 'Blacker' day when the Alternative gave them a sense that they had little alternative! I feel very sorry for the most honourable politician I know, Thomas George of Lismore.


The fact is Growcom, what
the vast majority of consumers are saying, is they don't want food produced near mining. Or food irrigated using water from coal seams. it is like trying to argue that lungs and cigarettes can co -exist. The farmers of Australia and the consumers of Australia are entitled to know if any crop is being grown using water extracted from coal seams. Whether it is treated or not.
The children of Australia have a right to be protected and their parents need the transparent information of whether any food they buy has been irrigated using coal sea gas treated water.
Well as I drive around Sri Lanka I find Panama Disease is well and truly established, so tell me , what is going to stop it now?
19/03/15 03:21 PM
Alan Jones and his cronies on the Downs are far more toxic to the interests of farmers than CSG will ever be! Talking down our produce and scaring consumers is no way to win points against the miners!
Sloppy Fauxfacts: Panama disease is not caused by a virus. Try a fungus called Fusarium.
16/03/15 10:28 PM
There you go Bushie.Youre a big supporter of imported foods from highly efficient Chinese farms. Eat up.
19/02/15 02:11 AM


end all cruel live export of innocent animals now.
27/03/15 03:36 AM
At last a government supporting the most sustainable protein source in the world.
24/03/15 02:44 AM
Good stuff. Now how about some big ticket items like NLIS. With world beef prices being so much greater than here in Oz over the last year, it's plainly obvious that it is of no benefit. But I guess it's too hard for people to say they were wrong. Now, how much money would that save? Out with NLIS!
The yards need to be reminded who pays the yard dues. It is the seller not the buyer. If the yards don't want to look after those that are paying their wages, they shouldn't be supported by the sellers either.
06/03/15 09:06 AM
I oppose the bill because reporting cruelty as you witness it doesn't work. You get fobbed off, ignored etc. What Animals Australia did with the Live Export video is the only way to get anyone to listen. Dr. Back is not on the side of mistreated animals and I think he should 'fess up about who's pocket he's in.
04/03/15 10:43 PM


would be nice if the article included some stats eg, cost per kilometre, number of hours to install per kilometre etc
21/02/15 05:30 PM
Has anybody bothered to compare the number of people working in Ag production 20yrs ago to the current number? Correct me if wrong, but I think current numbers would be well down on 20 yrs ago.
03/02/15 02:03 AM

Rural Lifestyle

When I was at school in a small country primary school the "bee club" was one of my schools projects an we had 12 hives cared for and maintained by student and the districts bee keeper - Mr. Bolton.
29/03/15 02:03 AM
Such a wonderful idea! Hope it spreads! #diggerslastpost
What a wonderful story and what a great tribute to Sam. Sadly, brain tumours have a major impact on patients and families despite their relatively small incidence among all cancers (about 1400 new diagnoses in Australia each year). Brain Tumour Alliance Australia ( hosts a freecall number for all brain tumour patients and their families and has several information kits freely available; Phone 1800 857 221.
Great article, Penelope.


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This is appalling, $10,200 is a pittance. There should be more scrutiny here and overseas for
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Archibald, 'cutting red tape' is code for 'small degree of self regulation but user pays'.
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Is that all? Even $100k fine would be a slap on the wrist.
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