What a fantastic story. The old farmer cooperative, in danger of contraction, corporatises, then lists in 1984 and with brilliant management becomes one of the great companies in Australia. Many farmers remain as shareholders with big contributions to their super funds. Pity about the other WA based co op. Blind adherence to a moribund ideology by a Board and shareholders places this company in grave danger. Competition in the sector is here and much more to come which means volume will bypass. And all the while potential real equity for the current $2 shareholder evaporates.
20/11/14 10:57 PM
Aint competition grand. Finally reviews of excessive margins limiting consumption and increased consumer prices, Price discounts on access to trade, dumping of inferior produce to consumers based on wholesale price\margin recovery. Dare we hope for returns and profits to grow our Agricultural businesses through sustainable "cost of doing business" pricing.
19/11/14 10:19 PM
Supply and Demand, lets hope as a producer demand outpaces supply and prices increase to a sustainable level. I suspect we may be on the cusp of the end of the two major supermarkets in Aus dominating the end game. Bring it on !!
19/11/14 09:28 PM
Totally brilliant work by Andrew Robb.
19/11/14 06:30 PM
Interesting that the one solution that is fundamental to everything else is not mentioned. PAY THE PEOPLE WHO GROW THE FOOD A FAIR RETURN.
19/11/14 01:13 AM


I do not kinow where this writer has been for the last decade?
Farming changed years ago and fallowing was virtually eliminated from the rotation. Break crops with lergumes and canola were introduced to continous cropping practices; straw is incorporated back into the soil and burning has also almost been eliminated. Get your head out of that old text book and have a look at just how progressive today's farmers really are. Sadly articles like this one make farmers seem to be behind the times.
20/11/14 06:19 AM
As once before in this blog I quote the late Charles Perkins. "Throw a match into dry grass and see how long it is before (the same old, my addition) snakes stick their heads up. The same group of anti GM ers will be out in force with this article justifying the unjustifiable "crime against humanity".
17/11/14 10:02 PM
He makes some valid points I totally agree with. I do not deny that in the past a few have made good money storing grain for longer than a year, however, one wonders if that premium will be around in the future with so much on farm storage in place now? How would the economics of storing grain be affected by an improvement in rail infrastructure (delib delabidated) into the future,could efficiency savings make it more prudent to sell to bulk handlers rather than self storage? I see many old silos around unused, could a technological shift in grain storage, make current storage systems outdated
16/11/14 06:33 PM
How could you go back to pools when Emerald failed to deliver ?
Will the new varieties be CSG/coal resistant?
18/11/14 11:37 PM


Qld is open for [big] business. But some [small] businesses may be run over the top of.
21/11/14 03:26 AM
20/11/14 07:54 PM
Mr Turnbull's spokesman (Sir Humphreys )said providing telecommunications in the regions visited by Mr O'Sullivan was a "major focus". YES MINISTER
19/11/14 11:39 PM
As an example, if we banned certain preservatives/residues in our foods as we discovered them to be harmful to our health, are we the taxpayer liable for lost company earnings? where are the lines drawn between public good and govts too scared to intervene based on legal action by big business? this is a complex issue, govts never get every decision right and we the taxpayers will be fitting a big bill. Bit surprised the legal world are drawing attention to it, wouldn't it be a gold mine for them? to me it seems they do actually have the publics interests at heart, well done
19/11/14 07:32 PM
I think queensland would be wise to concentrate their efforts towards India as a international partner. nsw and victoria's efforts were a backward step mainly because they did not want to do the hard yards with trade in India.
I think Queensland should show them more understanding and partnerships. Not treat them as second class citizens is a start.
19/11/14 02:20 AM


This is a problem that can be solved, like the papaya virus problem in Hawaii. Growers and government, have some guts and embrace technological advance! Consider a GM solution! Hawaii did it successfully
14/11/14 10:58 AM
More and more insecticides and pesticides will take this of the growing systems. Europe sets the example for banning chemicals. GM solutions are more and more tempting and certainly safer
14/11/14 08:55 AM
They claim Genetically Manipulated spuds may: "reduce the amounts of a potentially harmful" chemical, acrylamide, maybe created in potatoes fried at over 120C. But the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) says: "Scientists do not yet know with any certainty whether the levels of acrylamide typically found in some foods pose a health risk for humans." If acrylamide were a proven threat, wouldn't our food regulator (FSANZ) already ban french fries & chips or require the safer cooking methods that NCI recommends? Choice: the risks of radical RNAi or safer cooking habits. No contest, as GM loses.
10/11/14 10:38 AM
Why can't Nanna's source the same fruit from AUSTRALIAN growers. Come on Australia look after our country and it's agricultural pursuits. Patties is local so STAY LOCAL.
04/11/14 11:40 AM
And it would appear that this is how easy it is to mess up Australian Agricultures biosecurity, which the govmint would like to have the farmer fund while potentially it stuffs Australian Agriculture because the govmint processes are just too weak to prevent a major disease getting thru. If its government policy to allow all this importation govmint should fund all external biosecurity and also compensate without question when they stuff up as they usually do. This arena is outside of framers control and should not be paying for poor govmint decisions
06/10/14 10:35 PM


Seriously Coin? Your article is hell bent on blaming the widely circulated footage for the charges being dropped, when you have actually quoted the RSPCA saying that is not the case?
20/11/14 05:01 AM
this is still not good enough. We want the Senate Inquiry recommendations adopted. Too little too late from MLA and the "industry"
13/11/14 09:43 AM
  Beef true blue 1 Comments 1
It certainly is hard to launch a new brand, which is why it is worth looking at larger groups of farmers getting together to develop a joint brand. This would also mean being able to sell a larger volume more consistently, given weather etc affects on supply.
Most of the cranberries we can buy here are from one cooperative, Ocean Spray,, which started with three growers in 1930 and now has 700 growers.
Why cant we do something similar? The Kiwis did it with Fonterra.
11/11/14 09:58 PM
This is equivalent to an illegal indirect/third party boycott and should be treated as such in exactly the same way as unions or othe bodies are treated when they introduce illegal third party boycotts. The Chinese restaurateurs and their customers should seek legal advice on their rights to carry on legal businesses without harassment.
If these activists believe ducks or any other livestock are being mistreated, they have an obligation to provide evidence. They have absolutely no right to harm third parties.
03/11/14 03:13 AM
Let's see how he produces..
06/11/14 01:33 AM


Looks like a fantastic machine.. might order one and report back.
20/11/14 03:44 AM
Any chance of a contact no


And we are worried about the Chinese. At least they are doing it to feed their people.
17/11/14 03:24 AM
What proportion of state revenue come from stamp duty? I think on average its over 40%. Would an agent be worried about the viability of farmers in a world of land prices set by non accountable state owned enterprises and inflationary fractional reserve banking? Obviously not.
13/11/14 02:51 PM
This is good news, hopefully the new owners can actually make a living out of breeding and fattening cattle and not just service debt.
19/10/14 10:51 PM
Another Ag fund thats going to make millions for the fund manages not the shareholders.
15/10/14 07:10 AM
If these properties are selling for more than what they were valued at, that means the bank's valuations were too low so that raises the question - why were they placed in Receivership anyway? Sounds like more Corporate Bullying to me. What do you think Bushie Bill? - you seem to know everything.

Rural Lifestyle

Amazing couple, amazing quality food - less remote people take it for granted that the store has everything they need, this is now so in remote SW QLD
18/11/14 03:26 AM
G'day Vernon
One aspect of the Australian economy that you failed to take into consideration: governments of all persuasions seek to run the nation for the benefit of the urban population. That is why we have awards setting wages for the city people but no longer any reserve price scheme for wool and why the meat industry is a free-for-all. The present situation is based on a set of circumstances that existed one hundred years ago and is no longer a viable economic model. With governments determined to stock the continent to its full carrying capacity of humans, collapse is inevitable.
01/11/14 07:42 PM
Well spoken by a true champion Barnaby.
Convincing the Liberals will be the biggest challenge-they are more interested in the big end of town then the small business and family farm sector.
06/10/14 12:58 AM
Look out bozos! We latte/charonnay drinking socialists and Labor Party supporters are heading to a town near you!
We intend to put on a lentil and tofu salad evening to get to know you. Won't it be just so much fun!
14/11/14 04:10 AM
Congrats on a wonderful event for Richmond. The young ladies and gentlemen of Richmond and surrounds sure glammed it up to match their city friends! From all reports it was a resounding success! Well done to the organizers and for such a great cause!
27/10/14 05:55 AM


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Nico on numerous occasions you bag on about following the money trail. Well perhaps you should
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Qld is open for [big] business. But some [small] businesses may be run over the top of.
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We should pump as much CO2 out as we can - get sea levels rising as quick as possible - more
THE exclusion of the Australian sugar industry from the Australia-China free trade agreement has left industry stakeholders bitterly disappointed.18 Nov 14 THE exclusion of the Australian sugar industry from the Australia-China free trade agreement has left industry...
FOUR years ago Burdekin farmer David Cox bought country to expand his cane growing business, but these days he plans to produce Australian beef to feed the growing demand in China.13 Nov 14 FOUR years ago Burdekin farmer David Cox bought country to expand his cane growing business, but these days he plans...