Well CSIRO wastes millions of $$s on climate change. Drop that useless waste and transfer that wasted money to biosecurity and there would be a lot better value in such investment. Clearly you are worried. The answer is in your own hands. Just do it and stop whinging!
25/11/14 08:46 AM
How can there be BIG opport when there is only ONE works where we can retain ownership ( custom kill) -in the whole country. Dairy has nothing for the farmers. He who owns the plant, gets the cream - nobody else and Khan Horne should know that. Aust Dairy production is static and almost falling due. Meat here is heading for the cliff face as well. Wool quota is a red herring- we will never ever get near that quota cut in - so all smoke and mirrors for Khan and the FTA. All get on board with the headline......Notice that Landline had the FTA exposed on Sunday - "DUD"
25/11/14 12:42 AM
What a surprise. We have a PM for infrastructure so stuck in the 1950s, he builds 20th century roads. We need a big government solution to develop a 21st road-rail-port infrastructure to facilitate rapid freight handling. Air to nodes would have to be part of the design. Leabing complex transport design to states and Barnaby is a revioe for DDD - debt'n'deficit-disaster.
23/11/14 11:55 PM
"if the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered". Is it any different in Australia?
JBS will soon be a law to themselves just like Coles and Woolworths
23/11/14 09:22 AM


What a marvellous opportunity to have your say& tell it like it really is.
Also what about farmers suggesting that a lot of the upgrading of tier 3 lines could be carried out by themselves under supervision.
Remember what happened with the bypass road in Kalgoorlie?
Lets apply some practical pressure.
I don't understand why the politicians don't get it. I have listened to several economists (not on corp/govt payroll) say the FTA really means nothing for us, as an example they can shut down what they import based on regulation (eg presence of red back spider). a better way to go is to appeal to their food safety concerns, ie no roundup ready crops, then we will have all the market share we want. We should separate ourselves from our competitors. Recently listened to a consultant talking about Chinas lowering water table, this is the same as India. As long as we own the land, our future is good
24/11/14 07:15 PM
Will the new varieties be CSG/coal resistant?
18/11/14 11:37 PM
The problem in Australia is always going to be the cost or premium to insure against the extreme variability of our production. I don't envisage it being attractive to government or more importantly private producers
25/11/14 09:58 PM
I do not kinow where this writer has been for the last decade?
Farming changed years ago and fallowing was virtually eliminated from the rotation. Break crops with lergumes and canola were introduced to continous cropping practices; straw is incorporated back into the soil and burning has also almost been eliminated. Get your head out of that old text book and have a look at just how progressive today's farmers really are. Sadly articles like this one make farmers seem to be behind the times.
20/11/14 06:19 AM


What !!!, nothing about climate change or carbon emissions , whats going on ?
24/11/14 06:49 AM
The trouble is CSG CO's have had contractors buy machinery etc with the promise of long term work & then cut the legs out from under them. They are perpetual money wasters CSG CO's, I've seen it a thousand times/wages are silly for meaningless jobs/one man per ute all heading to the same site. I can see them having trouble getting contractors if CSG CO's don't give commitment.
22/11/14 07:57 PM
EPA is just a gov dept - they will be working on what their Minister wants. The Minister should stand down.
24/11/14 05:58 AM
As an Indian, I am just hoping that government will open up food market and make packaged products much cheaper. Indians also need expertise in producing derivative food products, which is largely unseen in India. This is a critical area Australia and New Zealand can assist India.
24/11/14 10:56 AM
The good citizens of Australia dodge another bullet.
24/11/14 07:18 AM


Profits down, levies collected up.
Just goes to show why the levy system needs change. Perhaps compulsory levies should be taken at a different part of the supply chain where incomes and profits are more stable?
24/11/14 03:19 AM
This is a problem that can be solved, like the papaya virus problem in Hawaii. Growers and government, have some guts and embrace technological advance! Consider a GM solution! Hawaii did it successfully
14/11/14 10:58 AM
More and more insecticides and pesticides will take this of the growing systems. Europe sets the example for banning chemicals. GM solutions are more and more tempting and certainly safer
14/11/14 08:55 AM
They claim Genetically Manipulated spuds may: "reduce the amounts of a potentially harmful" chemical, acrylamide, maybe created in potatoes fried at over 120C. But the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) says: "Scientists do not yet know with any certainty whether the levels of acrylamide typically found in some foods pose a health risk for humans." If acrylamide were a proven threat, wouldn't our food regulator (FSANZ) already ban french fries & chips or require the safer cooking methods that NCI recommends? Choice: the risks of radical RNAi or safer cooking habits. No contest, as GM loses.
10/11/14 10:38 AM
Why can't Nanna's source the same fruit from AUSTRALIAN growers. Come on Australia look after our country and it's agricultural pursuits. Patties is local so STAY LOCAL.
04/11/14 11:40 AM


  Beef true blue 1 Comments 1
It certainly is hard to launch a new brand, which is why it is worth looking at larger groups of farmers getting together to develop a joint brand. This would also mean being able to sell a larger volume more consistently, given weather etc affects on supply.
Most of the cranberries we can buy here are from one cooperative, Ocean Spray,, which started with three growers in 1930 and now has 700 growers.
Why cant we do something similar? The Kiwis did it with Fonterra.
11/11/14 09:58 PM
Sen.Colbeck claims that “Australia is committed to a sustainable approach to fisheries management and our fisheries are well-managed as a result.” Really? How would the Senator or AFMA know? How do they figure out whats sustainable? Do they count fishes eyes and divide by 2? No, they run a model that the IPCC would be proud of, no biological or environmental factors, just the beliefs of some overpaid arithmeticians in Hobart.Colbeck fiddles while the fishing industry burns, how long can the owners of the Margiris pay $200 k pa in fees while they are prevented from using a boat they need?
Seriously Coin? Your article is hell bent on blaming the widely circulated footage for the charges being dropped, when you have actually quoted the RSPCA saying that is not the case?
20/11/14 05:01 AM
this is still not good enough. We want the Senate Inquiry recommendations adopted. Too little too late from MLA and the "industry"
13/11/14 09:43 AM
Let's see how he produces..
06/11/14 01:33 AM


Looks like a fantastic machine.. might order one and report back.
20/11/14 03:44 AM
Any chance of a contact no


The ability to buy a farm in China is a total red herring introduced by emotive or just ordinary old fools. Anyone wanting to buy a farm in China is a fool because only a fool would do so knowing there is clear knowledge that foreigners always come off second best in any legal slouch in China that involves nationals. We cannot claim this is some sort of communist plot because the great USA once used the same legal devices to look after the interests of locals above foreigners. Now the great USA has gone one (or two or three) steps better and want protection from Australian law in Australia.
24/11/14 02:25 AM
These are not free trade agreements!!!
24/11/14 02:16 AM
And we are worried about the Chinese. At least they are doing it to feed their people.
17/11/14 03:24 AM
What proportion of state revenue come from stamp duty? I think on average its over 40%. Would an agent be worried about the viability of farmers in a world of land prices set by non accountable state owned enterprises and inflationary fractional reserve banking? Obviously not.
13/11/14 02:51 PM
This is good news, hopefully the new owners can actually make a living out of breeding and fattening cattle and not just service debt.
19/10/14 10:51 PM

Rural Lifestyle

Amazing couple, amazing quality food - less remote people take it for granted that the store has everything they need, this is now so in remote SW QLD
18/11/14 03:26 AM
G'day Vernon
One aspect of the Australian economy that you failed to take into consideration: governments of all persuasions seek to run the nation for the benefit of the urban population. That is why we have awards setting wages for the city people but no longer any reserve price scheme for wool and why the meat industry is a free-for-all. The present situation is based on a set of circumstances that existed one hundred years ago and is no longer a viable economic model. With governments determined to stock the continent to its full carrying capacity of humans, collapse is inevitable.
01/11/14 07:42 PM
Well spoken by a true champion Barnaby.
Convincing the Liberals will be the biggest challenge-they are more interested in the big end of town then the small business and family farm sector.
06/10/14 12:58 AM
Look out bozos! We latte/charonnay drinking socialists and Labor Party supporters are heading to a town near you!
We intend to put on a lentil and tofu salad evening to get to know you. Won't it be just so much fun!
14/11/14 04:10 AM
Congrats on a wonderful event for Richmond. The young ladies and gentlemen of Richmond and surrounds sure glammed it up to match their city friends! From all reports it was a resounding success! Well done to the organizers and for such a great cause!
27/10/14 05:55 AM


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On the fence. I'm very much aware of that, which is why I caution people about focusing to much
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What a marvellous opportunity to have your say& tell it like it really is. Also what about
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Strange article title - this has nothing to do with young persons being absent from the meeting,
THE exclusion of the Australian sugar industry from the Australia-China free trade agreement has left industry stakeholders bitterly disappointed.18 Nov 14 THE exclusion of the Australian sugar industry from the Australia-China free trade agreement has left industry...
FOUR years ago Burdekin farmer David Cox bought country to expand his cane growing business, but these days he plans to produce Australian beef to feed the growing demand in China.13 Nov 14 FOUR years ago Burdekin farmer David Cox bought country to expand his cane growing business, but these days he plans...