After all these years of telling outsiders they were not wanted, this sounds so funny.
19/04/15 09:22 PM
Divert the money being spent on searching for the Malaysian aircraft to those people in drought affected areas and animals who are still alive and starving would be a good start. Not to mention the additional scores of millions being spent on "climate research" for God's sake. Have the keepers of this country not heard of "charity begins at home", or are we now just puppets to global forces.
16/04/15 11:51 PM
At last a state with the guts to proceed with this absolutely vital industry. Economic benefits will flow as a result. Well done to those responsible. Get moving WA!
Lighting a fire under Barn is what is needed. Just look how quickly he adopted the excellent Senate recommendatios from the Senate in relation to grass fed cattle transaction levies. Grass fed cattle producers are still waiting!!
Food prices are like petrol prices - when barrels of oil are down - you do not see the price of petrol fall in the Central West - obviously the same applies to food - we would be the dearest in NSW????
16/04/15 02:41 AM


If the Lockyer food bowl & those of Sydney and Melbourne are destroyed by fire ants food shortages will result & the nation will retaliate with a fury rarely known.. This debacle demands immediate action NOW & nationwide media exposure..
17/04/15 12:14 AM
VFF Grains supported wheat deregulation despite grower support of over 80%.
It would appear that the merchants are not playing the game that the way that VFF hoped that they would!
14/04/15 08:13 PM
I appreciate the communities' concerns but they are not helped by overstated claims. Am I the only one wondering how 2.5GL can be 1/40th of 2750GL ("the entire Murray-Darling Basin plan")? According to my calculator 1/40th of the Basin Plan is nearly 69GL. But I was never good at maths .....
10/04/15 02:03 AM
Should be a few ex iron ore miners available out of the West - Start advertising !!
12/04/15 10:56 PM
Sounds like an excellent project. Shouldnt we be looking to do more of this kind of thing?
But then CBH is a coop, so they have the size to do this kind of thing.
11/04/15 12:21 PM


Reading the submissions it is clear that those who know the reality support the bill. The vast majority of submissions though are short and from people who clearly have not read the bill or if they have they do not understand it. If the deluded want to think that submissions which don't address the substance of the bill will impact on the Committees recommendations they are in for a rude awakening I would suggest. It is becoming clear that ARA groups & supporters have jumped the shark. Pressure can do that to the ill prepared & ill informed. Read some comments on articles on this bill for proof
19/04/15 09:17 PM
"Finally, the text will not be kept secret. Once it is agreed between participants it will be made public and also subjected to parliamentary scrutiny and inquiries prior to any final ratification." Great to hear that.
19/04/15 08:29 PM
Brilliant article Stephanie. Yet while we celebrate any probable win here, markets for merino wool continue to shrink in response to ongoing activity by rights groups, with Aldo Sud being the latest to ban wool.
17/04/15 10:22 PM
We used to have great mental health facilities in Ballarat and Bendigo like other places many of which were created by John Gorton during his time as PM but the Labor Government of some years ago decided in their wisdom that people were becoming institutionalised and there should be a trial wherby all these were closed and "inmates" released into the community with drugs to control their illness. As far as I know there has been no findings about whether that trial worked successfully or whether the current loss of community freedoms was caused by this rash decision.
17/04/15 07:11 AM
He has it in a nutshell. And when greed over comes fear, the prey enters the trap.
17/04/15 12:34 AM


These Banana farmers are a joke they have short memories when the cyclone devastated the Banana crop Bananas were $18 a kilo so they should have saved that money they made for a rainy day like the fungus that is affecting the crop now
14/04/15 10:32 PM
As a representative of a small company I would like to discuss with someone our product that has shown through university investigation to be effective against Fusarium Wilt which is also known as Panama Disease for bananas. Please contact me urgently.
08/04/15 11:54 PM
Good on these Little Aussie Battlers for showing the Yanks how to produce top mangoes - top effort!
The fact is Growcom, what
the vast majority of consumers are saying, is they don't want food produced near mining. Or food irrigated using water from coal seams. it is like trying to argue that lungs and cigarettes can co -exist. The farmers of Australia and the consumers of Australia are entitled to know if any crop is being grown using water extracted from coal seams. Whether it is treated or not.
The children of Australia have a right to be protected and their parents need the transparent information of whether any food they buy has been irrigated using coal sea gas treated water.
Well as I drive around Sri Lanka I find Panama Disease is well and truly established, so tell me , what is going to stop it now?
19/03/15 03:21 PM


Dear oh dear..wherever did the unsubstantiated crap..."been proven to dramatically increase animal welfare outcomes" come from? Tall tales indeed.
Typical of the AU insdustry to make it all up as they go along. Arrogant, ignorant and greedy...
Brahmans are the easiest cattle in the world to quieten and the easiest to ruin by mismanagement. Knowledge through many years of breeding brahmans and attaining one of the calmest herds in the country, attested to by an agent who said they were the quietest he has ever seen over 30 years. It can be done, and the results are very satisfying for breeder and clients. Congratulations Debbie and Mervyn
06/04/15 11:35 PM
end all cruel live export of innocent animals now.
27/03/15 03:36 AM
At last a government supporting the most sustainable protein source in the world.
24/03/15 02:44 AM
how much would you pay regularly for a 600 pound beast?
02/04/15 01:37 AM


in the 70's oil prices rose over 300%. We use oil in just about every part of our lives. Imagine the inflation response of such an event in todays global economic envt (eg war in middle east etc). There is no need for Australians to be at the mercy of a small group of people who control prices, when we have our own reserves. People say there is no debt problem in the cities or on farms, imagine 20% interest, what would that do to property values and their debt to equity ratios and buyer interest. Once again, I hope our govt shows some guts and deals with this in a smarter manner than before.
12/04/15 09:30 PM
If the seed companies moved away from the daylight robbery upfront model and towards an EPR based fee recovery system, few would consider spending so much money of equipment to chase precision on rates. We'd all be sowing at 3kg/ha again.
05/04/15 10:47 PM
would be nice if the article included some stats eg, cost per kilometre, number of hours to install per kilometre etc
21/02/15 05:30 PM

Rural Lifestyle

Ask the locals
03/04/15 12:11 AM
When I was at school in a small country primary school the "bee club" was one of my schools projects an we had 12 hives cared for and maintained by student and the districts bee keeper - Mr. Bolton.
29/03/15 02:03 AM
Such a wonderful idea! Hope it spreads! #diggerslastpost
What a wonderful story and what a great tribute to Sam. Sadly, brain tumours have a major impact on patients and families despite their relatively small incidence among all cancers (about 1400 new diagnoses in Australia each year). Brain Tumour Alliance Australia ( hosts a freecall number for all brain tumour patients and their families and has several information kits freely available; Phone 1800 857 221.
Great article, Penelope.


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Very real threats, dogsbody? Yes both fire ants and climate alarmists are both very real
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Lucky country? Pete's last paragraph is the most important because it points to the incompetence
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Australian politicians have been adamant in trade negotiations for 40 years that agriculture
AGFORCE has urged the federal government to rethink its drought assistance policy as producers continue to suffer the worst drought in a generation.
14 Apr 15  8 AGFORCE has urged the federal government to rethink its drought assistance policy as producers continue to suffer...
APRIL marks the official start of the tourist season in the outback and retail outlets are staring down the road for the first signs of the caravan influx with more than the usual degree of desire.13 Apr 15  1 APRIL marks the official start of the tourist season in the outback and retail outlets are staring down the road for...