Why not use the June 30th deadline to wind up the GRDC??
This is a serious proposition because the levy is sending farmers slowly broke given productivity in the sector has diminished. Farmers will spend their hard earned dollars far better than career bureaucrats who have never earnt an entrepreneurial dollar. Give farmers a choice whether or not they would like to pay the levy...fairs fair!!
31/08/15 06:31 AM
This is another example of the sad farm produce payment model that we have in Australia......Processors should be service providers only and not have the power of a clearing house for any primary produce. To have a proper market in beef and dairy ( in particular) this major irregularity must be addressed. An independent market operator and a market watchdog with legal teeth is long overdue. It is even more obscene when we see another nation's company executive dictating the terms of trade.....and who would be the advantaged in this advice? Not the 'Aussies Battlers', of can be sure!
31/08/15 03:46 AM
Labor idiocy writ large for all to see. Economic vandals with a hopelessly distracted media letting their policy free zone and economic wrecking ball have a free ride.
It appears to me the govt has enough problems now with overseas students/457 visas/back backers/people from overseas without work visas/etc being exploited/underpaid etc, without opening a whole new tin of worms. Sort that out and then we can get on with a FTA without consigning our kids to a dodgy future.
30/08/15 11:42 PM
Glen Sterle is actually right here. He is also a decent man with an honest interest for farmers rights.
30/08/15 10:02 PM


The bigger question is Why does grain need two producer based groups? . It's time GPL, and GPA joined for the common good of the industry - Get on with it!
27/08/15 07:41 PM
Revert to a three year rotation incorporating a mechanical fallowing phase that will starve any fungus.
It is a no brainer.
24/08/15 12:52 AM
The non current candidates will have a real struggle to gain a seat on the board.
All members regardless of where they live vote for the directors of any region.
How or why would a Western Australian grower make an informed vote in a Northern NSW and Queensland regional election?
Imagine if we elected our state and Federal politicians under this scenario?
This process is so poor and open to cronyism that it is almost laughable except that it reflects badly on GGL and grain farmers in general.
20/08/15 08:18 PM
Why is Mark Allison the CEO of Elders a major input supplier and merchant/agent on the board of a grain producers' organisation?
This is a clear conflict that must be addressed.
20/08/15 08:09 PM
Apathy is not the only problem Dan!
The so called farmer representative organisations including NSW Farmers have adopted a tops down approach to policy development and advocacy and have disenfranchised those whom they claim to represent.
20/08/15 08:04 PM


Santos holds pel's over most of NSW from Gulgong to Goondiwindi this is the start of the industrialisation of the west. Australia has been given to Asia as an energy hub and our agricultural industry has been sold out from under our feet. There is no long term sustainability to these projects only short term gain for a few. Our generational farmers have been sold out.
30/08/15 11:54 PM
The fear is that in the promotion of this type of material that many will call spin that the Gasfield Commission will sink into a climate of dis-credibility.
Holes can be punched throughout this articles story line. How can the Gasfield Commissioner been seen as the fair umpire?
There is no lack of understanding that government & its agencies have left landowners out to dry.
30/08/15 08:45 PM
The fact that the tick line wasn't moved has affected a lot of people.
28/08/15 07:36 AM
Living in the South Burnett dogs huge problem ,but too much regulation to bait successfully, they thrive in State forest. Too many small holdings with no active personel dog control.
28/08/15 12:33 AM
Barnaby has been in the sun too long without a hat, ask any of the graziers on the coal line access route and you will get the true picture. A company difficult to deal with and proposing to pillage the great Artesian basin with only adjacent landholders having the right of appeal under new proposals.The community support is non existent and I am a property owner. Australia is contributing to the environmental degradation by it's approval process. The Abbot government is in it's dying days.
29/08/15 01:54 AM


Fruit bruising by customers is one factor, but variety is another.
The industry is pushing Hass, an inferior variety that browns easily, has unsightly dark strings and has a very narrow window of edibility between hard and spoiled. Green-skinned varieties tend to be superior on all these counts and often have better taste too.
09/08/15 10:56 PM
This is a fabulous article. You can't have a nice skin without eating right. The carotenoids will give you a lovely healthy glow.
04/08/15 06:38 AM


Where the heck were the likes of MLA at Ekka? Traipsed all over the showgrounds, through every pavilion and I don't recall seeing the letters MLA or AWI once! Considering city shows are the ideal opportunity to promote rural product to an urban audience I would have thought the people who take farmers levies for promotion like MLA,AWI,HIA etc would be all over an opportunity like Ekka.
All the crap the experts ply us with and one old cow beats the odds.. ain't nature wonderfully unpredictable ?
30/07/15 07:53 AM
What a beaut focus on only one aspect of pig raising - too bad about the survival and well being of so many piglets which is the reason for the introduction of the stalls in the first place.
How about coming up with a solution instead of just being negative prohibitionists of the protection of innocent babies.
29/07/15 03:48 AM
For half the cost of 1 lamb per light Mr Mc Farlane could deploy some Foxlights ( Ausie invention) around his lambing ewes and find his lamb survival rate increase far more dramatically than by trying to shoot all the foxes as he can never get them all. They work!
12/07/15 09:53 PM
I am disgusted that live export continues. There has to be an enormous market for onshore processing and boxed or frozen meat exports. Our government has a duty to Australia to maintain our standards. I would not be alone in wanting to see the humane treatment of livestock over a cheap TV any day of the week.
10/07/15 12:11 AM


Really!! How many farmers have you seen wearing a helmet while riding an ATV? How many farmers use seat belts in utes when in the paddock? Good idea in theory,but rarely practiced.
05/07/15 05:15 AM


Makes a welcome change from the family's plans to put 2.4 million chickens next to the Namoi River at Manilla, upstream of the Keepit Dam.
30/07/15 03:28 AM
You can see the stupidity of trying to do business with Gas Co's & why landholders have so much trouble with them with some of the conditions above. They have no understanding of how a rural property needs to function /Work Place Health & Safety,Weed blame QGC 's properties in the Wandoan area have African Lovegrass on them. Gas Co's should never be allowed to buy properties
27/07/15 02:57 AM
OPPORTUNITY lost - in snubbing of my PPP Plan by LNP in Ag "smoke& mirrors" paper on Saturday. ALL we primary prods need is "fair&open competition" @ our farmgate.My PPP plan would have been a transparent portal for all the unseen-primary/secondary commerce happening now to be listed on AUDA -offerboard where the PRICE will find the PRODUCT- not the produce finding a secret uncompetitive price! If this were enacted - it wouldn't matter about foreign investment- as they would be actively competing- not vertically integrating or"Transfer Pricing " their profits back to their mother country SHAME
07/07/15 01:06 AM

Rural Lifestyle

Go Mick !!!!
19/08/15 11:35 PM
One of natures true gentlemen!
27/07/15 01:06 AM
  Missing Dad 1 Comments 1
Great article Sharon and QCL. Please keep this important dialogue going.
14/07/15 10:40 PM


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Well done to Sanger Australia and also to MLA and Minister of Trade.
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Denialist agenda, really Nico, what is my denialist agenda ? The only one with an agenda is
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Why not use the June 30th deadline to wind up the GRDC?? This is a serious proposition because
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