At the end of the day Tony Abbot is a liberal and a representative of big business-he sat with his Liberal colleagues and Rudd Labor and abolished the wheat single desk in June 2008.
The Liberals can never be trusted again over their wheat treachery.
It is irksome that Abbott was all over the white paper and that it was launched in a Liberal electorate.
There would have been no agricultural white paper without Barnaby Joyce-he is arguably one of Australia's best ever agricultural ministers.
06/07/15 08:48 PM
The NZ so called milk boom was thrown up as a great success, Telling all that it was proof of why we needed free trade deals like NZ did with China...... Well now what?? Another short lived so called boom that has left the NZ farmer in more average debt then an Australian farmer.
05/07/15 10:26 PM
Barnaby and The Nationals won't lose much sleep over the NFF lukewarm support for the white paper.
The NFF became totally irrelevant when they took on corporate sponsorship.
05/07/15 10:07 AM
Hopefully it will yield like the wine industry.
Go the PM.
Hopefully they will get it right like the wine industry and all can enjoy the get over supply and suffering.


The merchants will have some fun with the young farmer champions who will graduate with a rose coloured view of agri politics!
05/07/15 10:11 AM
GRDC running their own race once more and spending grower levies!
Lining themselves up with the traders /merchants that now run the industry and meet every year to celebrate wheat market deregulation.
Obviously the GRDC heavies are not aware that growers do not attend the AGIC Conference.
30/06/15 05:11 AM
Where are you Jock? Guess the verdict on deregulation is in. More money in farmers pockets. Less money in AWB coffers.
30/06/15 12:49 AM
Mr Lynham must realise that this does relate to all of the Murray Darling Basin and should be applied throughout the catchment.The "environment"( includes towns and mines)should pay for its water needs through the Australian people's taxes.We will then and only then see agriculture back in sync with the "environment" and its needs.
28/06/15 08:57 PM
The recommended code of conduct will prevent the Australian Sugar Industry from being ruined by the big foreign owned milling companies. But will the Abbott goverenment support the recommendation? Already the Foreign Minister has stuck her nose into the arguement in the support of Wilmar Chairman and the Singaporean government. She has written to the Queensland goverenment asking them to vote down the Private Members Bill's of the KAP and LNP, which are seeking a similar outcome to the recommended Code of Conduct
She is giving no support to an Australian Industry or workers.
24/06/15 10:40 PM


I live in Sydney and can't get ADSL. My internet is $100 for 15GB for mobile broadband.
05/07/15 08:37 PM
Love Macca!!!!
05/07/15 03:24 AM
A person committing a crime, say a burglary, knows there is a risk of getting caught and doing jail time.
The same person, upon encountering the resident of the property he is burglarizing also knows that, if he should kill or seriously injure this person, his potential jail time is increased exponentially!
If he deliberately targets, or even coincidentally encounters, a firearm and takes it, his potential jail time should again be increased, based upon the potential harm that the firearm can do when it falls into the wrong hands, or else there is no deterrent to doing so!
03/07/15 04:35 AM
What price the billy goat tied up at the pub. ?
01/07/15 11:16 AM
11 whole farmers signed a letter? Wow.
30/06/15 10:48 PM


Until quasi government and peak industry bodies listen to people who actually make a living off the land, the "market failure" will continue.
29/06/15 05:42 AM
Ausveg is well aware of the answer to their dilemma. The
Not backed or supported by the Government as they have others to answer to. Time is of the essence. Start the revolution today by using the Australian Authenticity Logo designed to help reveal your True Australian Credentials.
There are very few getting a free ride from levies, except bureaucracies and recipients of R&D levy funds and government contributions. It's government which controls income and profitability by their policies, levy expenditure on R&D and marketing has not provided increased returns and profitability to grass fed livestock producers for decades. In fact it is a ride that costs dearly for no additional benefit! This is exactly why the bureaucracies and government shy away from a referendum of the levy payers to confirm the majority want to pay levies for negative return. Fear of democracy!
$13.8 Billion dollars over 5 years?
=9.2 Trillion meat chicks/year, lots of Chicken Treat for our 24 million Australians
14/05/15 10:16 AM


So a web site, and more bureaucrats. Actually controlling wild dogs - Nope!
27/06/15 09:53 PM
Cultural sensitivity???? I would like to see some animal welfare sensitivity. I would like the minister, the producers of these poor animals and those who support live export , to see first hand what happens to Australian animals when they reach their destinations. No R.S.P.C.A , no animal welfare laws to protect them, just horror.Yes it is barbaric and yes people should be disgusted, and yes they should give their voices for the animals who haven't been heard, but who suffer for the fact that they are considered lesser beings who are bred for profit.Watch an animal, it feels pain ,fear,love.
27/06/15 07:48 AM
Ban ALL live exports !
The logical way to implement ethical slaughter in Indonesia and other livestock imports from Australia is to co-partner new slaughter facilities. If this was funded from exporter levies and staff from australia trained and supervised Indonesians a vast improvement would result.
Further the Australian Government could be encouraged to give aid assistance in kind instead of cash.
Unless this happens expect more reports of animal cruelty.
25/06/15 12:12 AM
Barnaby needs to read this - a smart motivated man getting on and doing good stuff without govt interference. And getting great results that Barnaby funded projects are not getting.
16/06/15 06:01 AM


Really!! How many farmers have you seen wearing a helmet while riding an ATV? How many farmers use seat belts in utes when in the paddock? Good idea in theory,but rarely practiced.
05/07/15 05:15 AM
I enjoyed working with you Graeme, your zest for life and in everything you did made you an exciting man to be around. RIP


I certainly hope expanded family farms is the case. Success stories are in spite of Govt and Peak body antics NOT because of them.
07/06/15 06:43 AM
With real estate people it all ways the best time to buy even when its not .Its certainly not a great time to stock a station & El droughts can go on for years .What then ?
31/05/15 11:41 PM

Rural Lifestyle

I believe there was a book written about Bajool entitled "Calico Town" and wonder if it is still available to buy and if so where?
14/06/15 03:12 AM
Yes I would like more information regarding the costing...I live in Melbourne.
18/05/15 07:37 AM


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Who understands agriculture better than those who have had the opportunity to live and work
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J Carpenter, you are being a little selective in your version of Einstein's works. He wrote
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And the reason for that Ron is that the US president is elected on a state based electoral
STANBROKE is planning to diversify its business model with a $200 million irrigated cotton project in Queensland's Gulf country.4:00 AM STANBROKE is planning to diversify its business model with a $200 million irrigated cotton project in Queensland's...
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