After studying the contoured map of the area, the Bradfield site is the only one available. In 1964 I worked on building the new claycore rock fill dam on the Great Lake in Tasmania to replace the smaller existing concrete dam. For budget reasons the new dam was built to a height which has been raised since. this could be done at the Bradfield site in stages . Small weirs will not stop the Fitzroy river flooding Rockhampton and the Bruce Hwy.
22/10/14 05:25 AM
I just had my daily call to Barney's staff and it seems that the theatre of "Q" time is all anyone thinks about. Says it all really as to the hopeless output from the two ringed circus that is parliament. Got the GREEN paper out about 4 months late so now we can kick back for xmas! Talk about fiddle while the bush dies on the vine!
I think the people taking these pictures should be charged for allowing this sort of thing to go on.T.hey will get cattle from some where so target the people doing it
22/10/14 08:55 AM
How about the ACCC checking also on Woolworths,or are they exempt from enquiries?
22/10/14 06:58 AM
The Minister deserves some kudos for finally knocking this deformed calf on the head.Debt and agriculture don't mix and society shouldn't be expected to bail out those who have miscalculated.


What terrible news. But how often does this happen in grain seasons. Hopefully none of those affected have taken the advice of the reckless deregulation propagandists and forward sold to the extent that they cant now deliver on their contracts.
20/10/14 09:53 PM
when I leave woolworths and coles will they release the product prior to payment, no, so why should we? But a good showing by all in involved and keep up the pressure as insurance products mean nothing in a true economic crisis.
19/10/14 12:10 AM
No where does it record Investment dollars.....for projects. Why not provide the whole picture.
Interesting that the SA Grower body is calling for new standards authorities to be set up. Growers had all that in place for decades under the State based grower marketing boards, but thought they knew better and let those very successful arrangements lapse. All I can say to them is welcome to the world of deregulation which you thought would be a panacea. Too late to be sorry now Mr Arney.
17/10/14 12:51 AM
Who would have ever have thought that GM crops were going to pose a problem causing resistance in crops. I am sure there are more stories like this one and sadly to reverse the resistance takes a huge amount of time and effort as well as money. The only people to win from the mistake are those who created it in the first place, the chemical companies. I hope that Australian farmers contemplating growing the so called ease of use GM varieties will think twice before adopting the technology. The costs down the track to repair the damage will well and truly out way any short term benefits.
13/10/14 09:41 PM


Biosecurity to Scott Morrison what a good idea. Perhaps then the diseased ginger from Fiji will be stopped from destroying Yet another AG industry. Mr Joyce cant do the job at all and he knows its diseased!
To provide water for growth in agriculture there must be suitable infrastructure.Most importantly is the security of water supply.It provides confidence to move forward,to plant crops.The NWC was meant to provide a way to ensure this would happen alongside securing water for urban growth.Unfortunately the following government bastardised it's real intentions,stole water from agriculture and shifted it towards securing urban growth.Why,because that is where the votes are and as importantly the vaue adding of water by running it through a tap into someone's sink is astronomical.
Uganda Agriculture Journalists Association congratulate Genevieve McAulay for being elected to this post,we wish her the best,God's protection and guidance so as to drive the council to its aspired goals and objectives.Wish you the best all madam
Scrapping the commission is the best news I have heard since 1995. Since then our water entitlements have been socialised to provide security for our urban areas. That has cost rural areas significant wealth as a lot of water was revoked. In other words stolen from agriculture. Fortunately, it appears that agriculture may now get a capital injection through overdue infrastructure development.
The cutting of tariffs by 25% in 1973 was the beginning of Australia's building of real wealth in this country. We recognised and accepted that we are part of the world and not some inferior inward-looking fearful protection-dependent outpost full of yobbo peasants.
21/10/14 09:58 PM


And it would appear that this is how easy it is to mess up Australian Agricultures biosecurity, which the govmint would like to have the farmer fund while potentially it stuffs Australian Agriculture because the govmint processes are just too weak to prevent a major disease getting thru. If its government policy to allow all this importation govmint should fund all external biosecurity and also compensate without question when they stuff up as they usually do. This arena is outside of framers control and should not be paying for poor govmint decisions
06/10/14 10:35 PM
Well that was one hell of a failure of MIS's....wouldn't want to make the same mistake again !!!
29/09/14 11:11 PM


Omg, they have no shame. I wonder if they care what will happen to their animals on the journey of which kills thousands of cattle and sheep each year? I wonder if they are concerned with Korea's shocking animal welfare record? Or I suspect, they only care about the money, these poor sweet animals.
15/09/14 09:54 AM
Prosecute the cruelty, not the exposure of it. The animals used and exploited for the consumption by humans must have the absolute most stringent protections in place to safeguard against any abuse or extra cruelty in both their incarceration and slaughter.
What is done in the dark WILL be brought to the light.
06/10/14 04:57 AM
What a great story! Not enough young ones looking at the plethora of opportunities available in agriculture. Congratulations Madelaine. Keep up the great work and more importantly you will provide inspiration to lots of other young country kids who face the temptation to drift to the city.
28/09/14 11:21 PM
"These commonsense changes continue to provide ... assurance that our animals are humanely treated."
Right... because shipping an animal across the seas for four weeks to a terrifying, traumatic and painful death - having his or her throat cut whilst fully conscious, is the epitome of humane treatment.
17/09/14 08:21 AM
Saw the Yulgilbar truck pass heading west through Toowoomba on Wednesday and thought it might be heading to Wallumbilla. Well done to buyer and vendor.
12/09/14 05:23 AM


Any chance of a contact no
Next you are driving down the road and being held up with a slow old back hoe, maybe you will hope that machines like this will become standard in the future. (:-)
20/09/14 12:31 PM
The large business focussed broadacre farm focusses on timeliness and low capitalisation to reap the rewards of scale. The flipside of that is they use a plethora of contractors for sowing harvest or spraying. These contractors deliver benefits such as in 4 days spraying, quick sow or harvest which far outway any requirement for specified wheel spacing or equipment width, let alone the impracticality of ever deepening tracks
06/09/14 10:19 PM
Good information! Agriculture is precisely dependent on machinery now a days. One cannot do anything without machinery. You can find more Agriculture machinery related question and answers in the following link. riculture-machinery Agriculture Machinery discussion forum
03/09/14 06:12 AM


This is good news, hopefully the new owners can actually make a living out of breeding and fattening cattle and not just service debt.
19/10/14 10:51 PM
Another Ag fund thats going to make millions for the fund manages not the shareholders.
15/10/14 07:10 AM
If these properties are selling for more than what they were valued at, that means the bank's valuations were too low so that raises the question - why were they placed in Receivership anyway? Sounds like more Corporate Bullying to me. What do you think Bushie Bill? - you seem to know everything.
Gee Neil, this is a rosy outlook - totally at odds with the comprehensive Rabo bank survey. You wouldn't be hopelessly conflicted by your cosy relationship with the Banks would you?
01/09/14 09:09 PM

Rural Lifestyle

Sexism and animal cruelty in the one non-story! Have you guys heard this is the 21st Century and "Beauty Contests" and using animals for cruel human entertainment is no longer acceptable? Wake up and join the "human" race.
18/09/14 08:40 AM
Well done Tom another great Australian keeping the dream alive while enduring hardship.
12/09/14 08:03 PM
Well spoken by a true champion Barnaby.
Convincing the Liberals will be the biggest challenge-they are more interested in the big end of town then the small business and family farm sector.
06/10/14 12:58 AM
Well Bushie Bill this flies in the face of your cork swinger opinion of country folk. Guess you aren't quite as smart as you thought you were eh ?
11/09/14 07:20 AM
So pumped for this! bring on the eye candy


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Isn't is strange that chicken with 2 major processors and a myriad of minor ones, but no
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I would suggest that the cattle and sheep are MORE pained. Alison and ALEC are not the victims
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coles want suppliers to pay for theft in their shops, as a supplier i want coles to pay for
The state government has announced a long awaited bypass for Beaudesert.16 Oct 14 The state government has announced a long awaited bypass for Beaudesert.
THREE federal government MPs took to the skies this morning from Rockhampton Airport to inspect prospective infrastructure projects in the region.

09 Oct 14 THREE federal government MPs took to the skies this morning from Rockhampton Airport to inspect prospective...