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What’s the major benefit of early rain in your cropping region?

Does ESCAS need reworking?

Is a Japan-FTA deal what ag needs?

What should be done to address the ag labour shortage?

Previous Polls

Is ESCAS bad for Aus live export markets?

No - positions us as market leaders

Yes - makes us less financially competitive

Total Votes: 176
Poll Date: 23 March, 2014
Should we compromise on foreign investment rules to facilitate agricultural trade?



Total Votes: 171
Poll Date: 17 March, 2014
Are you changing your farming practices to adapt to climate variability?

Yes - better to be prepared for anything

No - we've always dealt with changing seasons

Not sure - Waiting for more information

Total Votes: 250
Poll Date: 10 March, 2014
What’s your 12-month outlook for Australian agriculture?

Mostly optimistic

More of the same

Mostly negative

Total Votes: 199
Poll Date: 03 March, 2014
Are you happy with current farmer representation in Australia?



Total Votes: 334
Poll Date: 24 February, 2014
Should the MLA grass-fed cattle levy be abolished?



Total Votes: 465
Poll Date: 17 February, 2014

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Sorry Chops, but the reality is already here, we have been relegated to a nation of price takers
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I am in Dubai at the moment staggered by the price for Australian beef at any one of hundreds
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Rob an underpinning principle of a spot market that needs to be embedded is that the producers
17 Apr 14  1 Farmers welcome new interactive weather service.
17 Apr 14 International agricultural consultants to speak in Brisbane.