Australian Lowline

09 Feb, 2012 01:57 PM

If you have a small rural block and are looking for some smaller docile cattle to keep the grass down, you will also find Lowlines to be the ideal choice.

Producers can run more cattle per hectare because Lowline cattle are smaller than their Angus ancestors. As a general rule, where you would normally stock six Angus cows you can run 10 Lowlines.

Lowlines' smaller size and docile nature also enable the use of lighter and smaller yards and handling equipment, thus reducing equipment set-up costs.

If you are new to the cattle industry you will find Lowlines less intimidating and easier to handle than larger breeds.

Lowlines are particularly beneficial for children to learn and practise cattle handling techniques. They are particularly well suited for agricultural studies at schools. New people to the cattle industry can also join a Lowline cattle promotion group to learn more about cattle care and husbandry.

Lowlines are easy-care cattle. They get into calf easily, calve down and get back into calf with a minimum of fuss. Apart from routine cattle care, such as vaccination programs, drenching and lice control, they require a minimum of care.

As with any breed of cattle, fences need to be secure, but the use of electric fencing can often upgrade older fences to a satisfactory standard.

Australian Lowline Cattle Association

ABRI, UNE, Armidale, NSW 2351

Executive Officer: Cheryl Green

Ph: 02 6773 3144


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