Japanese focus for new Wagyu seedstock venture

10 Mar, 2008 05:21 PM
Japanese master breeder Mr Shogo Takeda and AWF co-founder Mike Buchanan assess young Wagyu bulls.
Japanese master breeder Mr Shogo Takeda and AWF co-founder Mike Buchanan assess young Wagyu bulls.

A sharp focus on proven Japanese methods for predicting progeny performance in fullblood Wagyu and crossbred herds in Australia is the foundation of a new Wagyu seedstock alliance launched in NSW this week.

The new Australian Wagyu Forum is committed to using proven Japanese predictive methodology, with on-going Japanese inputs. The Forum website, also launched this week, maintains a database of Wagyu production information which will be continuously expanded. (www.australianwagyuforum.com.au)

An initial Forum catalogue of 33 Black Wagyu fullblood bulls, all assessed by Japanese methodology, has also been released.

The bulls are presented with joining recommendations ranging from:

• AA F1, Brahman F1, Holstein,

• AA/WY F2> and

• Fullblood.

According to Forum co-founder Takao Suzuki, Japanese strategies have been adopted due to the current lack of reliable predictive tools for breeding across the broad Australian Wagyu industry.

“We strongly support the ongoing EBV and genetic marker development taking place, but right now we believe that the Japanese 16/16 analysis method used by Hokkaido-based master breeder Mr Shogo Takeda is the most accurate predictive tool for cross-herd Wagyu production in Australia,” he said.

“You can literally see this in many of the 33 young bulls we have put up - in frame score, weight and growth information.”

Mr Suzuki worked in the Wagyu feedlot industry in Japan before immigrating to Australia, where he held the position of Business Analyst (Wagyu Performance Database) at Rangers Valley Feedlot, Glen Innes, NSW.

He started the Belltree breeding operation in 2006, and is retained as a consultant by both Japanese and Australian Wagyu enterprises.

Australian Wagyu Forum founding members are Belltree Australia principal Tak Suzuki, based near Blackheath; and Ginjo Wagyu principal Mike Buchanan, of Tea Gardens.

The Forum is open to other Australian Wagyu breeders who wish to adopt a similar focus on Japanese Wagyu breeding expertise.

SOURCE:Queensland Country Life


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