Speed urged on Nathan Dam snail plan

18 Mar, 2008 02:36 PM
The rare boggomoss snail Adclarkia dawsonensis is threatened by the possible Nathan dam project.
The rare boggomoss snail Adclarkia dawsonensis is threatened by the possible Nathan dam project.

Wildlife Queensland is urging the Federal Government to act quickly to save a rare snail threatened by the Queensland Government Nathan dam proposal in Central Queensland.

Wildlife Queensland has written to the federal Department of the Environment and Water Resources giving in-principle support to the Department’s draft plan for the recovery of the boggomoss snail, a rare mollusc whose habitat would be inundated if the mega-dam were to be built on the Dawson River.

"We support the federal government’s stated aim to protect the snail’s habitat in collaboration with local landholders and indigenous people," said Des Boyland, spokesperson for Wildlife Queensland.

The little-known snail is one of Queensland’s most endangered species – only a few hundred remain in just two sites.

Mount Rose Station, one of the two locations and home to fewer than 100 boggomoss snails (about 20 percent of the entire known population), will be destroyed if the Queensland government goes ahead with the large-capacity Nathan Dam proposal on the Dawson River, near Taroom.

The loss of the snail’s habitat on the Dawson River significantly increases the risk of extinction of this unique Queensland animal. The only other site where the boggomoss snail is known to exist, Isla–Delusion Road Crossing, is often threatened by fire and trampling by stock.

"The loss of one species is one species too many,’ said Mr Boyland. ‘The Mount Rose Station site is critical to the species’ survival."

The boggomoss snail gets its common name because it is only found in an unusual type of mound spring known as a ‘boggomoss’ in the Dawson Valley. [see information below]

The boggomoss snail was only recognised in 1990s when local grazier, councillor and Wildlife Queensland member Adam Clark alerted the Queensland Museum to the uniqueness of the boggomoss habitat, the unusual wildlife depending on the mound springs and the threat from the proposed Nathan mega-dam. The Queensland Museum honoured Adam’s long association with the Dawson Valley and concern for conservation in bestowing the snail’s scientific name – Adclarkia dawsonensis.

The Nathan Dam, if built, would be the fourth largest dam in Queensland. It would hold 880,000 megalitres and the dam wall would stand 27m high.

The federal Environment Minister halted the Nathan Dam proposal in 2004 citing the potential environmental damage downstream.

The Nathan Dam is back on the agenda since the state government earmarked $2 million in its 2007 budget to fund SunWater’s new environmental impact study of the proposal.


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