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Mail Order Catalogue

If you sell products or services by mail order then look no further than to advertise in this very successful mail order catalogue. Even if you place a coupon in your advertisement, this is classed as mail order.

By advertising here you are opening up other avenues which you may not have thought of before. The advertisers get tremendous results here and testimonials are available for your perusal.

The ad sizes vary from a sixth page up to a full page with colour being offered at a very reasonable price.

The catalogue is inserted into Queensland Country Life and goes into the full run of the paper with a circulation in excess of 32,000.

This catalogue is published twice yearly in June and November.


National Sales

For National advertising sales enquiries please visit www.rpsagmedia.com.au


Advertising manager

Rachel Smith
Phone: 07 3826 8256

Sales Manager - Classifieds

Tracy Leahey
Phone: 1800 773 603 or 3826 8286 when calling within Brisbane
Fax: 1800 632 673

Advertising representative

Matthew Hatchard (Brisbane)
Phone: 07 3826 8206


Lesley Finlay
Phone: 07 4633 9901

Town & Country - north

John Thompson
Phone: 07 4927 9422

Town & Country - south

Terry Skinner
Phone: 07 3826 8220

Livestock manager

Sharon Howard (Rockhampton)
Phone: 07 4927 9422

Livestock representative

Peter Lowe (Toowoomba)
Phone: 07 4633 9905

Advertising production

Leon Sharpe
Phone: 07 3826 8236


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