A matter of opinion
A selection of editorials from around the Fairfax Agricultural Media group covering the issues of the week.
Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm
Commentary, news and analysis with agribusiness consultant David Leyonhjelm. Email David at reclaimfreedom@gmail.com
Get the latest on new ag-related apps hitting the market
Better Backyards with Gherkin Jarvis
Self-proclaimed gardening expert and carpet enthusiast, Gherkin Jarvis, brings you his thoughts on Australia’s great lifestyle tradition, the backyard.
Burrs under my saddle
Pete Mailler is a farmer on the Queensland/NSW border. His perspective and opinions are borne from seeing more than one side of many problems in his various farm leadership roles and in wanting to ensure a future for his children in agriculture.
Bush matters
Bush matters - LNP Senator Barry O'Sullivan tackles the issues facing Aussie primary producers and people across rural and regional Australia.
Canberra Comment
Fairfax Agricultural Media Canberra correspondent Colin Bettles tackles the big national rural and agricultural issues which will impact regional and rural Australians.
Chairmans chat
UPDATES from Beef Australia chairman Blair Angus in the lead-up to Beef 2015.
Comments of the week
A selection of the comments that made us think - and, in some cases, chuckle.
Coultons Country
Queensland Country Life photographer Sarah Coulton shows you a glimpse of rural Queensland from behind the lens.
Future Farmers Network
Young people creating prosperous futures in rural industry
Get Muddy
To think clearly in farming and about farming, you need to get muddy - commit, roll up your sleeves and get involved. SAM TRETHEWEY gets stuck into some of the issues facing those on the land.
Grain of Truth
Rural Press grains writer Gregor Heard on the big issues facing the broadacre farmers today.
India with Sally Cripps
QCL's Sally Cripps is visiting Indian horticultural and agricultural regions to talk with some of the farmers who are faced with the challenge of sustainably feeding a growing population, and the companies supporting them with their expertise.
Ireland farm tour 2013
Join QCL journalist Penelope Arthur as she heads off for the Alltech Global 500 conference in Dublin, Ireland, visiting some of Ireland's most progressive beef and dairy operations.
Leading questions
Australian Rural Leadership Foundation CEO Matt Linnegar looks at the issues impacting the ag sector.
A blog to introduce our intrepid journalists and editors and follow them as they make their way through the big and not so big stories of rural Australia.
MLA Challenge
Meet the participants in Meat and Livestock Australia's Challenge, where producers identify how much their business is returning, what's driving profit and how to put a plan in place to capture the business' potential over a 12-month program.
Online Melody
QCL's digital doctor Melody Labinsky has her say.
Organic Outlook
Organic Federation of Australia chairman Adam Willson talks about trends and news in the organic sector.
Out of the shadow
Shadow Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon aims to put ag policy under the microscope. Based in the NSW Hunter Valley, Joel also has a unique perspective on the tensions between primary production and mining development.
Over the hooks with Ken Wilcock
Over the hooks with Ken Wilcock - Queensland livestock markets reports.
Queensland decides 2015
As we count down to the Queensland state election on Jan 31, we want our readers to voice their opinions on QCL’s online forum. Each Monday and Thursday QCL will pose a fresh issue-based question designed to both challenge and inform our readers.
Saleo saleo
Live blogs from sales across the state, brought to you by Queensland Country Life's livestock team.
The Farmers Wife
Jessie Persse details the highs and lows of rural life, through the eyes of a former city-girl turned country wife and mother after taking up a teaching post in western QLD. With a point to every story, she's happy to tell the truth as she knows it.
The Iceberg Letters
Dear readers - the majority of an iceberg sits below the surface, and it may just take one special letter to see what else lurks under the tip of a topic.
The Movie Lad
Movie addict Steve Whitfield channels his obsession in a series of weekly movie reviews for your viewing pleasure.
Trading places
Track the latest moves and appointments in the agribusiness sector. Send your news to editorial.farmonline@fairfaxmedia.com.au
Young Farmers Master Class
Follow five Aussie farmers' journey to the Netherlands for the Rabobank Young Farmers Master Class.


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I listened to it and enjoyed your explanation of hormone use and meat finishing.
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Glysophate is underpinning the minimum till cropping regime worldwide, we can go back to the
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Nothing about the poor bloody stock owner. He just gets bashed from pillar to post complying
QUEENSLAND Country Life catches up with the growers who help produce the state's top 10 commodity crops.25 Mar 15 QUEENSLAND Country Life catches up with the growers who help produce the state's top 10 commodity crops.
MEETINGS are set to be held in the north to gauge interest in a collective bargaining approach to maintaining viable grazing operations.25 Mar 15 MEETINGS are set to be held in the north to gauge interest in a collective bargaining approach to maintaining viable...